Cake for Breakfast: My Baby Turns 9

My little Natalie turns 9 today!  I can't believe it!  I was looking at some of her baby pictures last night, and just couldn't believe how much her baby days are a blur to me.  In some ways it seems it was just yesterday she was born in other ways I can't remember life without her.

Natalie is a beautiful, charismatic and "sparkly" little girl who is growing up in front of my eyes.  She is loving and caring and funny and just a joy to be around.  Of course, she also has her "spicy" moments but even those are fun to deal with.

At nine years old Natalie:

Is 4 feet 9 inches Tall
Weights around 64 pounds
Enjoys playing piano
Loves all types of comics
Has a special love for Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang
Reads, reads, reads all the time
Is a daddy's girl
Still sleeps with mom and dad most nights
Is a little fashionista
Is a TV junkie
Has gotten into Star Wars thanks to her dad
Loves Legos and Playmobile toys

Happy 9th Birthday to the best little daughter a mother could wish for!

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